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    3 months ago
  • Donate to the @Timesup Legal Defense Fund. Link in bio.
    Emma Watson Donate to the @Timesup Legal Defense Fund. Link in bio.

    Donate to the @Timesup Legal Defense Fund. Link in bio.

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arash.arfashahidi.1404 - arash 3 months ago

یک کنسرت بزاره هر چی کسخله رو جمع کنه بزنیم بکشیم به بار برای همیشه از دست اینا راحت بشیم

garyirving1977 - Gary Irving 3 months ago

Do they take donations from men? Would that not be a case of unwanted man help? Oh I see, happy to take money whilst preaching feminism rules 🙄 Give your head a wobble, no such thing as feminist, just a bunch of nasty females wanting everything there own way #feminazi

garyirving1977 - Gary Irving 3 months ago

@singh_karandeep0 Justice & Equality? From what I’ve read it’s nothing to do with either, it’s about females demanding this & demanding that? It’s about domination you fool not equality, woman are treated equally in the UK, can’t be helped if backwater eastern sandpits haven’t caught up, and I’m certainly not donating for that, they get enough Aid in a year & spend it on arms not equality or food #brainwashed #itsascam

leahoverhere - i like hp, sherlock and dr who 3 months ago

@garyirving1977 maybe you should actually research about feminism and watch a video on it because yes, feminists want things. They want to have equality. They want to be paid the same as men, they want to be treated equally. Feminists dont just talk about woman problems, they also address topics about men such as how some men feel uncomfortable showing their emotions because of the masculine stereotypes. Im not hating on people that arent feminists, but i think that before you preach about something, you should educate yourself. Thanks for reading this.

garyirving1977 - Gary Irving 3 months ago

@leahoverhere Yea you don’t preach 🙄 Maybe with that massive education you have you could have learned the meaning of it, but it’s what the world has come to accept from the Feminazi it’s all “we want” “you must” yet when simple everyday inequalities towards men are pointed out you all go “But But But” away & gimme peace, woman get a better deal than men in every aspect of life, you’re deluded, and if you want equal pay then accept equal rights regards maternity leave? You have 3 kids = 3 years not working but getting paid? Do men? No we get 2 weeks, that’s it. You’re a complete fantasist