mareikes_travels - Mareike 3 months ago

@talia.mserge33 nobody says they are not valid. But problems are big. It’s valid to concentrate on smaller sections. If someone is raising awareness for male suicide it’s not necessarily helpful to say “women kill themselves too”. Because while that is true, it doesn’t make men’s suicides a smaller problem and generally speaking men may be vulnerable for different reasons and it may make sense to separate issues.

aaronleewythe76 - Aaron Wythe 3 months ago

Seek out and support all people whatever they do to make the world a better place and not just to make a falce impact like Oprah who clearly has a hidden agenda.

lesha_749 - Lesha 3 months ago

Emma, ​​if you write to me "Lesha beast" I will die of happiness !!!

chandrumatheesh - Matheesh 3 months ago

@mareikes_travels a dozen is a grouping of 12 equal or same objects which in context to value =12 but doesn't replace the number itself cause it's not the same (and dozen can have more than one meaning where as 12 doesn't)

mareikes_travels - Mareike 3 months ago

@chandrumatheesh wow. You’re so clever. Yes they aren’t exactly the same. Just like nobody ever claimed feminism and equality are exactly the same word in every way. Still they are related in context.